Jan den Hengst

Jan den Hengst (1934) went to horticultural college in Boskoop and later emigrated to Zimbabwe, Rhodesia at the time. There he got into arable farming and landscape architecture. He returned to Europe in the sixties and took up photography in Cologne. He has been working as a freelancer ever since.

Among others he illustrated the following books:
- Plantenrijk, on the idigenous flora of the Netherlands and Flanders
- Waterrijk, on freshwater flora and fauna in the Netherlands
- The Peace Palace
- Tuin vol wilde planten, on the application of indigenous plants Amsterdam
- The Wines of Moldova
- Het Woelige Water, on the control of water levels and floods

Wrote and illustrated:
- The Dodo, the bird that drew the short straw
- Illustrated in 2004 the prestegious diary of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs with wide-view and panoramic photographs.
- Illustrated for many years magazine-articles on gardening and botany.
- For the articles on travelling he did the writing as well.

Worked for almost fourty years as a photographer for Sikkens paint factories, which is now part of Akzo Nobel.

The last years concentrating on photography of interior- and exterior architecture.